Tutti silver ring included in Vogue Magazine

Vogue Jun14 Cover with Kate Upton
Vogue Jun14 Cover with Kate Upton
Our Tutti silver ring has been included in the Vogue’s Jewellery Collection feature in June 2014 issue. A gorgeous Kate Upton is covering this month’s issue of Vogue Magazine.

We love our Tutti ring – this traditional cluster style silver ring is just what you need for this Summer. The floral pattern is made by seven rubies surrounding a bigger one in the centre, sitting prominently in a sterling silver setting.

We are so proud to be in British Vogue’s Jewellery Collection feature that we want to celebrate it with 10% discount offer for all orders. Just enter the discount code ‘TUTTI’ at the checkout and it will be automatically added to your basket. But hurry up, this offer ends on 30th of June 2014!

As seen in Vogue, Tutti silver ring
As seen in Vogue, Tutti silver ring

Alternative engagement rings ideas

true love

All You Need Is Love

Being in love… It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that your girlfriend is your true soulmate and that is always right there by your side. To want to share everything with her, to be with her, to love her. To be the happiest ever. And one day to realise that your other half is the most important person and nothing else matters more than to be with her to the rest of your life.

It’s time to ask that important question

But first, you have to pop the big question. You start to wonder how to propose to your girlfriend. Timing is everything and the place you want to propose to her is important. Maybe you are thinking of booking a table in your favourite restaurant or taking her for a holiday. You may even consider asking her parents permission. But you definitely want it to be the unforgettable and special day. And when you eventually ask her “Will you marry me?” you want to hear ‘yes’.

You start to think what kind of engagement ring you want to buy, knowing that you don’t want to spend too much on it. Maybe you want to save money to buy a new house, and then there are always the wedding expenses. Every penny counts. She loves you deeply and you are aware that it doesn’t matter for her how much you spend on a ring it’s a symbol of your true commitment to her.

Here are some ideas to help you find an alternative engagement ring.

You can find a beautiful substitute proposal ring and very elegant indeed without a price tag, something nice and not gaudy at all. We know that silver rings with a diamond cut and a diamond-like shine and shimmer cubic zirconia are absolutely gorgeous and seem to be a good alternative to very expensive engagement rings. Honestly, no one will ever notice the difference.

This one for example looks elegant and traditional and it is our best-seller engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia:
Adoria, Silver Engagement Ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Gorgeous silver substitute engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Tiamo, silver substitute engagement ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Royal style engagement ring with sapphire and cubic zirconias, perfect for your little princess
Nila, royal style engagement ring

Classic silver proposal ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Esteri, silver proposal ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Solitaire sterling silver engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Zaria, solitaire sterling silver engagement ring

Please check our website for more alternative engagement rings examples.

Why Silver Rings?

I’ve been asked many times why do we choose to work mostly with sterling silver and why we decided to maintain classical style of our rings. Here is my answer.

Classically designed sterling silver rings and necklaces represent endless styles that are always in high demand. No matter what the fashion statement; classic cuts and designs always enhance and command attention.

The rings and necklaces can house some of the most beautiful and precious stones such as sapphire with its deep royal blue and cubic zirconia that is available in a variety of colors. Sterling silver jewellery is not only a representation of fine craftsmanship, beauty, and high-fashion; but the metal is highly regarded for its health benefits and its hypoallergenic characteristics.

Aside from its beauty and health benefits; silver rings and necklaces are very affordable in comparison to gold and other metals. Additionally, the silver content is high in these pieces of jewellery which means they contain a greater degree of purity than equivalent gold pieces in the same price range.

Also, a silver ring or a silver necklace is so neutral in tone that they can be worn with just about anything and for any occasion. It would be a near impossible feat to find an outfit that silver does not complement. Interestingly, the neutrality of silver also means that it complements any skin tone.

Without question, a silver ring or necklace can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Both men and women are able to find a wide range of styles to suit their tastes. As an added bonus, silver is very easy to maintain. Also, color restoration of a silver ring or necklace can even be done at home.

Colour Trends for Winter 2014

If you are wondering what colour to choose to be in style this winter season, we may help you. For this winter season many famous designers have introduced deep navy blue and pink colours and you cannot go wrong when you choose them.

Bold, Classic and Elegant Navy Blue

As Seen On: Celine, Valentino and Chloe runways

For this winter many designers have introduced navy blue on the runway. This colour will give you sophistication and elegance. You can wear deep blue from head to toe or pair it with more neutral colours. To stand out even more, you can combine this with other shades of blue. You can embrace this colour trend with jewels from our collection of blue accessories – sapphire rings, earrings or pendants.

navy blue trends winter 2014
from top left: Frea ring, Lizzy Ring, Amirra Stud Earrings, Jane Ring, Nila Necklace

Pink is a new black

As Seen On: Miu Miu, Christian Dior and Channel runways

Pink is fresh, extremely girly, elegant, very sexy and fun! For sure, it is a good news for every pink lover – this new winter season pink colour is definitely in style. You can choose from every shade of pink and you don’t go wrong. We have a few lovely and fun jewels in our collection that will make your pink look complete.

pink fashion accessories
from top left: Kazumi Stud Earrings, Hazel Ring, Zinnia Ring, Flamingo Vintage Ring

It’s in fashion to pair more bright vivid colours with soft pastels and the combination looks absolutely fantastic. We hope you will enjoy our collection!