8 Ways to Drop Him a Hint

Let’s be honest – our men sometimes need a little push when it comes to buying a right jewellery for their ladies. So perhaps you need to drop a hint (or two!) to help him buy you a gift that you would really love.

Leave a tab open on his browser

Sometimes, the subtle approach is the best way. Just leave a webpage on his web browser displaying your desired jewellery. He’ll either get the picture or not get the hint at all.

Send him an email “by mistake”

OK, admit it, he’s not that type who would read between lines or easily pick up your hint dropping. No. Not at all. Sometimes a woman is forced to be devious and cunning. Send him some pictures with your favourite jewellery by email, shortly followed by “sorry wrong person”. Hopefully he will figure it out.

Tag him in the comments

Saw something really nice on Facebook? What a better way to show your desired gift than tag that special someone in the comments, adding “OMG it’s so cute! I REALLY want it!”. It should work its magic. Most of the time.

Bath or loo-reader?

OK, I know it sounds bonkers, but is he the one that spend many (happy) hours reading in the toilet or while taking a bath? If yes, it’s a wonderful opportunity to print out a webpage featuring the present you want and to leave it in the bathroom.

Show him what you like

If you’ve just spotted something you love while browsing on the website, just show it to him and let him know how much you love it. Hopefully, he’ll get the hint!

Share a link/Sent him a voucher

Sometimes oh-so-subtly hints needs to be more explicit. Click on the share button to send him a link to your desired ring. Did you receive a voucher code from the shop of your choice? Just email it to him, so he knows where you want him to purchase the perfect gift. Job done.

Tell him what you want (what you really really want!)

Instead of hoping he figures it out on his own, why don’t you try telling him? You can always ask him if there’s something he’d like you to buy him. Perfect happiness.

Buy it yourself

Needs must when needs must. When you really want something and you know he won’t get it, buy it yourself. Because you’re worth it!


Bloggers like our rings!

We have recently ask few selected fashion bloggers to tell us what do they think about our rings. We asked for an honest opinion – we want to know the truth. And… they like our rings! See yourself!

Debz seems to enjoy her ring: “I don’t pretend to be a jewellery expert, but I do know that the ring is lovely and it fits great.”

Hollie made us laugh with her comment “When the ring arrived it came in a beautiful red velvet box and I almost felt like I was proposing to myself.”

Nikki also likes her ring and appreciates affordable prices “If you are looking for some sparkle to light up your hand then these rings are good value”.

It’s good to know that we do good job. We do it for you. Thank you!

Paris, Paris!

There’s something magical in Paris in June – warm, long evenings; smell for croissants, that rude waiter in a lovely restaurant…

And there’s the Paris fashion. Last week we took a short trip to see what is trending with our continental friends. Quick stroll down the Champs-Élysées and visits to boutiques in Montmartre show a subtle change from the bold style of last year. It seems season 2014/2015 will be full of small, delicate and crafted items. The large necklaces and bracelets are gone replaced now with small, shiny and colourful pieces!


Can Sterling Silver turn my finger green?

“Can Sterling Silver turn my finger green?” Yes.

Let me quickly tell you why that happens and what to do about it.

Why silver may leave green marks?

Statue of Liberty
I’m sure you recognize distinctive look of the Statue of Liberty. She looks majestic and seems to glow with her bright green colour. The tint doesn’t come from paint – it is a natural patina that covers copper. The same phenomena can be observed on roofs of churches and even old copper or copper plated utensils left for a while in the attic. The characteristic green layer is called Verdigris and is mostly made of copper carbonate – CuCO3.

But that’s about copper – what about my silver?

Pure silver is too soft to use in jewellery making. Ring made of 99.9% silver would bend and soon lose its shape, would get scratched and may lose stones. We don’t want that and that’s why jewellers around the world use Sterling Silver instead, which is an alloy of 92.5% silver and other metals – usually copper and zinc. This makes the material much more durable and lets us enjoy our jewels for years.

When this small amount of copper meet favorable conditions it will start changing colour. Unfortunately for some people their sweat have the perfect chemical compounds for the process to take place.
Fun fact: eating a lot of tomatoes and apples makes your sweat more acidic, which may be enough to trigger the reaction under the band of the ring. What’s good for you is not always good for jewellery!

What can I do to remove the green patina?

Do you remember poor old Richard Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances polishing Hyacinth’s silvers? This is the answer! In most cases a regular cleaning of the jewellery will be enough to stop it from marking your body. This will also remove grey tarnish from the silver and restore its shine. Cleaning the ring with silver polishing cloth should stop the reaction from reoccurring in couple of days.

Other way is to have the inside of the ring coated in something that will isolate the metal from your skin. People reported great results with just a bit of transparent nail polish, which can be applied in seconds and reapplied when it wears out.

So it is normal for a ring to leave a mark? Undesirable, but yes, it is normal. Luckily you can prevent and fix it.

Not tested on animals!

No animals were harmed during the making of our silver jewellery!

We care. This simple statement is very deeply engraved in everything we do. We work hard to give you the best service and best products we can, because we think the world of you!

And when we sit in the evening to relax we like to think about the smiles that our products bring to your home. I may be getting sentimental, but that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

And yes, our jewellery was not tested on animals (they run too fast ;)!

Alternative engagement rings ideas

true love

All You Need Is Love

Being in love… It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that your girlfriend is your true soulmate and that is always right there by your side. To want to share everything with her, to be with her, to love her. To be the happiest ever. And one day to realise that your other half is the most important person and nothing else matters more than to be with her to the rest of your life.

It’s time to ask that important question

But first, you have to pop the big question. You start to wonder how to propose to your girlfriend. Timing is everything and the place you want to propose to her is important. Maybe you are thinking of booking a table in your favourite restaurant or taking her for a holiday. You may even consider asking her parents permission. But you definitely want it to be the unforgettable and special day. And when you eventually ask her “Will you marry me?” you want to hear ‘yes’.

You start to think what kind of engagement ring you want to buy, knowing that you don’t want to spend too much on it. Maybe you want to save money to buy a new house, and then there are always the wedding expenses. Every penny counts. She loves you deeply and you are aware that it doesn’t matter for her how much you spend on a ring it’s a symbol of your true commitment to her.

Here are some ideas to help you find an alternative engagement ring.

You can find a beautiful substitute proposal ring and very elegant indeed without a price tag, something nice and not gaudy at all. We know that silver rings with a diamond cut and a diamond-like shine and shimmer cubic zirconia are absolutely gorgeous and seem to be a good alternative to very expensive engagement rings. Honestly, no one will ever notice the difference.

This one for example looks elegant and traditional and it is our best-seller engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia:
Adoria, Silver Engagement Ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Gorgeous silver substitute engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Tiamo, silver substitute engagement ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Royal style engagement ring with sapphire and cubic zirconias, perfect for your little princess
Nila, royal style engagement ring

Classic silver proposal ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Esteri, silver proposal ring with Diamond Cut Cubic Zirconia

Solitaire sterling silver engagement ring with diamond cut cubic zirconia
Zaria, solitaire sterling silver engagement ring

Please check our website for more alternative engagement rings examples.

For the one that matters

Silver Jewellery is different than almost anything else. It comes with a huge emotional baggage, it expresses affection and feelings. Only the bouquet of roses comes close when you look on the effect it has on the recipient. And the funny thing is that is as pleasant to give it as it is to receive it!

With a Valentines day almost upon up we have an opportunity to remind ourselves and our better halves what we feel and how we care. This is a special day. This is your second birthday – the cake is always good (isn’t it?), but on the actual birthday it tastes just better – thanks to the magic of emotions it carries. Jewellery is very similar – getting a silver heart necklace on 14th of February remains in memory for ever. I know it, because I got one and I cherish both the necklace and the memory.