Harry Fay – A Proud Family Run Jewellery Shop

Sitting by a Christmas table our family shares more just than a festive dinner. It’s a special time when we try to leave our work aside and spend the time together. And that’s not always easy as we work together on our family jewellery company.

The company was started nearly twenty years ago by my Uncle and my Father. My uncle was by then a Certified Master Jeweller and traveled across oceans (literally!) to learn and practice the jewelry craft in North America (hence the spelling). We particularly mastered a skill of designing classical rings – in silver, gold and platinum. Their well-proportioned elegant ways still can be seen in our contemporary rings: Adoria, Esteri and the latest arrival to the collection: Tiamo. They are simply timeless.

Having a perfect design is one thing and having a perfect product is something else. My uncle and my father has to make a decision how they will produce the rings for people to enjoy. The choice was simple: they decided not to compromise. Instead they choose to always deliver excellent quality, hand finished and carefully crafted products. Every ring, earring and necklace was and is carefully prepared, measured and polished. Every stone – be that a cubic zirconia, sapphire or a shiny diamond – is placed and set by hand. No glue, no tricks – just a perfect manual work! That’s why are proud of every piece of jewellery we deliver. And this is our promise – we will always deliver the best we can!