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If you want your next precious thing be as good as it can be then buy it from family run, independent shop. They will care for you, will find time for you, give you better value and can be personal if you so wish. And you will be appreciated as The Customer. Give them a try and you will be amazed.

And when I say “them” I mean us – Harry Fay – a family run silver jewellery boutique. Please join us for virtual cup of tea and have a look on our history on our about us page.

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For the one that matters

Silver Jewellery is different than almost anything else. It comes with a huge emotional baggage, it expresses affection and feelings. Only the bouquet of roses comes close when you look on the effect it has on the recipient. And the funny thing is that is as pleasant to give it as it is to receive it!

With a Valentines day almost upon up we have an opportunity to remind ourselves and our better halves what we feel and how we care. This is a special day. This is your second birthday – the cake is always good (isn’t it?), but on the actual birthday it tastes just better – thanks to the magic of emotions it carries. Jewellery is very similar – getting a silver heart necklace on 14th of February remains in memory for ever. I know it, because I got one and I cherish both the necklace and the memory.