8 Ways to Drop Him a Hint

Let’s be honest – our men sometimes need a little push when it comes to buying a right jewellery for their ladies. So perhaps you need to drop a hint (or two!) to help him buy you a gift that you would really love.

Leave a tab open on his browser

Sometimes, the subtle approach is the best way. Just leave a webpage on his web browser displaying your desired jewellery. He’ll either get the picture or not get the hint at all.

Send him an email “by mistake”

OK, admit it, he’s not that type who would read between lines or easily pick up your hint dropping. No. Not at all. Sometimes a woman is forced to be devious and cunning. Send him some pictures with your favourite jewellery by email, shortly followed by “sorry wrong person”. Hopefully he will figure it out.

Tag him in the comments

Saw something really nice on Facebook? What a better way to show your desired gift than tag that special someone in the comments, adding “OMG it’s so cute! I REALLY want it!”. It should work its magic. Most of the time.

Bath or loo-reader?

OK, I know it sounds bonkers, but is he the one that spend many (happy) hours reading in the toilet or while taking a bath? If yes, it’s a wonderful opportunity to print out a webpage featuring the present you want and to leave it in the bathroom.

Show him what you like

If you’ve just spotted something you love while browsing on the website, just show it to him and let him know how much you love it. Hopefully, he’ll get the hint!

Share a link/Sent him a voucher

Sometimes oh-so-subtly hints needs to be more explicit. Click on the share button to send him a link to your desired ring. Did you receive a voucher code from the shop of your choice? Just email it to him, so he knows where you want him to purchase the perfect gift. Job done.

Tell him what you want (what you really really want!)

Instead of hoping he figures it out on his own, why don’t you try telling him? You can always ask him if there’s something he’d like you to buy him. Perfect happiness.

Buy it yourself

Needs must when needs must. When you really want something and you know he won’t get it, buy it yourself. Because you’re worth it!


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